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GLS is one of the most prominent parcels and expresses shipping companies in Europe. Within a few years of its founding in late 1999, GLS Tracking was established as a stable European parcel network. Today, GLS delivers packages in 41 European countries and eight US states. It is making GLS International tracking company over time. Over the years, the company has acquired businesses and formed partnerships. GLS has built companies in many countries, often entire networks that immediately began operations. Now you can enjoy GLS Express Tracking features and express services. 

GLS Tracking

Our GLS Corriere Tracking team always keeps you informed about the status of your parcel. See where your parcel is at the moment by entering your 14-digit parcel number or GLS Tracking Number without spaces. You can track parcels sent and received by GLS at any time. Detailed information about the parcel and the delivery process appears on-screen after entering the parcel number or shipment number. The estimated day of delivery and the last action taken are among the information displayed. There is no charge for Tracking GLS parcels. Online tracking allows senders or recipients to watch multiple parcels at once. 

How it works: 

The working of GLS Tracking is mentioned in the complete process down below. There is a 2D barcode appears on each parcel label. A 2D barcode includes all the information concerning the parcel. The code is scanned at all major transport points, and the location and recent act have been sent to GLS.

As GLS offers parcel tracking online, you are also able to track your parcel at any time. The logistics coordination process relies heavily on this. The hand-held scanners that delivery vehicles use to scan parcel codes, for example, are used when a parcel is loaded into a delivery vehicle. If the recipient is not present when the delivery is attempted, the scanner will operate. The driver then scanned a notification card, which was left behind for the recipient. Mobile data transmissions directly from the driver to GLS are standard in many countries, enabling payment information to be accessed in real-time. GLS collects the information. You can track the package using both the parcel number and the Track ID from the notification card.

Track IDs, which can be found on every notification card, can also be used to track your shipment in real time. GLS provides real-time updates on delivery status in many countries.

GLS Tracking

GLS Parcel Tracking API 

GLS Tracking can now be done with the help of this website. All you have to do is enter the parcel code generated by the GLS Parcel Tracking system. with this, within no time, you will be able to have reliable information regarding the whereabouts of your parcel. 

GLS Parcel Tracking Services

This service gives you continuous visibility into the status of your package and the delivery options available.

  • Euro Business Parcel tracking
  • GLS Delivery Tracking
  • GLS ParcelShops
  • GLS Express delivery tracking
  • GLS DocumentReturnService tracking
  • GLS SaturdayService tracking
  • GLS TimeDefiniteService tracking
  • ExpressParcel tracking
  • EuroExpressParcel tracking
  • GlobalExpressParcel tracking
  • BusinessParcel tracking
  • BusinessSmallParcel tracking
  • EuroBusinessParcel tracking
  • EuroBusinessSmallParcel tracking
  • EuroExpressParcel tracking
  • ShopDeliveryService tracking
  • FlexDeliveryService tracking
  • CashService tracking

Euro Business Parcel Tracking

Using one or more parcel numbers, you can easily track your parcel online at any time. On the notification cards, which can be found on every shipment, you will find a Track ID that allows you to track your shipment in real-time. Delivery information is available in many countries through GLS.

GLS Delivery Tracking

When no one is present when the package is tried to be delivered, GLS will follow customary procedures within the country. Neighbours usually accept parcel deliveries in many countries. Drivers leave a card for recipients to acknowledge the deliveries. As an alternative delivery address, GLS ParcelShops are available in some countries.

GLS Parcel Shop can already be indicated as a possible delivery address in some countries when ordering goods online. GLS national companies provide detailed information about delivery options in their respective countries on their websites.

GLS Parcel Shops

In a few weeks: GLS ParcelShops will deliver packages to recipients worldwide. A parcel shop is a convenient location to drop off and pick up parcels for fast delivery – with long hours of operation, personal service, and short wait times. Video rental stores, newsagents, and copy shops are just a few types of shops that sell them.

The number of GLS ParcelShops in these countries is constantly increasing. There are already 14 of them in Europe. There are plans to introduce ParcelShops in additional countries. Alternative delivery addresses are available at ParcelShops in many countries. A parcel is taken to a nearby GLS Parcel Shop if the recipient is not present during the initial delivery attempt.

Consumers also enjoy the convenience of GLS ParcelShops. A ParcelShop is located near where people live or where they work to have their items delivered directly. After the dispatch process has begun, they select a ParcelShop when placing their order online. It is available in Belgium, Denmark, and Germany, among other places.

GLS Express Delivery Tracking

Deliveries made by GLS Express are prioritized based on speed and punctuality. The following working day, ExpressParcel shipments reach their recipients before the close of business – and international shipments have even reached their recipients earlier. The parcel will be refunded if it doesn’t arrive on time.

It is also possible in many areas to receive deliveries earlier in the day or on Saturday. GLS is liable for the value of each ExpressParcel up to a certain amount depending on the country for products combined with additional services. Express deliveries are generally delivered the next working day by GLS, a reliable national express company. Delivery is usually made before noon in some countries.

Express delivery relies heavily on punctuality. Spare parts and documents, as well as urgent shipments, reach their destinations on time. Whenever an express courier cannot deliver a parcel on a working day, it will attempt a second attempt the following working day for free, provided the sender agrees.

GLS Document Return Service Tracking

Delivery of packages is handled by GLS, along with collecting signed documents and giving them back to the consignor. To play it safe, consignors can have the recipient hand the GLS driver the signed contract for a new phone, and the new phone is delivered in exchange. Consignees and consignors benefit from this as well.

GLS Saturday Service Tracking

The GLS carries out express deliveries on Saturdays. Additionally, national dispatch is possible in some countries and areas, including before noon delivery. Those delivering internationally generally reach their destinations before the close of business.

GLS Time Definite Service Tracking

GLS delivers parcels the following working day before a specific time in numerous countries and regions. Generally before 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00 in the United States. Usually before 9.00, 10.00, or 12.00 around the world.

For parcels that need to reach their destination even more quickly, express services can be booked in conjunction with the delivery before a particular time.

Express Parcel Tracking

Express deliveries are generally delivered the next working day by GLS, a reliable national express company. Therefore, delivery is usually made before noon in some countries. Express delivery relies heavily on punctuality. From spare parts to documents, urgent shipments are delivered on time. Whenever an express courier cannot deliver a parcel on a working day, it will attempt a second attempt the following working day for free, provided the sender agrees.

Euro Express Parcel Tracking

The company delivers time-critical express shipments before the end of the business day the following day to many countries in Europe. Documents and urgent goods get to their destinations safely and on time. Should an express courier be unable to deliver a parcel, a second delivery attempt will be made free of charge on the following working day with the sender’s permission.

Global Express Parcel Tracking

Global Logistics Solutions delivers documents and parcels quickly around the world. Large business centers such as the US, Japan, or Hong Kong receive shipments within a few days. Unless the political situation is precarious, deliveries do not occur in those countries.

Business Parcel Tracking

GLS offers a reliable basic service for national parcel delivery. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday during usual office hours. Most countries, excluding islands and some outlying areas, have a standard delivery time of fewer than 24 hours.

Business Small Parcel Tracking

Deliveries of small parcels by GLS are reliable across the country. We provide enhanced security through a unique solution. Small parcels for nationwide delivery are separated from the larger ones and shipped in unique bags that offer extra protection.

Euro Business Parcel Tracking

Delivering parcels across Europe with GLS is a reliable international parcel delivery service. Modern distribution centers and perfectly coordinated schedules link the different countries. Our standard delivery time is 24 to 48 hours for all major European markets. We have a standard 72-96 hour delivery time for more remote regions. Deliveries of first-class international parcels are delivered consistently throughout Europe.

Euro Business Small Parcel Tracking

Delivering small parcels internationally: GLS International is exceptionally reliable for providing small and sensitive items across Europe. We sort the packages separately and pack them in bags specifically designed for international shipping.

A standard delivery time of 24 to 48 hours applies to parcels delivered to neighbouring countries by GLS. Parcel deliveries to countries deeper in Europe usually take 72 to 96 hours. In addition to excellent service quality, the delivery of small parcels internationally is also high, thanks to uniform quality standards.

Euro Express Parcel Tracking

Many European countries are served by GLS by the end of business the next working day, including time-critical consignments. Documents and urgent goods get to their destinations safely and on time. Whenever an express courier cannot deliver a parcel on a working day, it will attempt a second attempt the following working day for free, provided the sender agrees.

Shop Delivery Service Tracking

ParcelShops receive packages directly from GLS. When placing the order or shortly after dispatch has begun, recipients choose a ParcelShop to which the parcel should be sent. When the package has arrived, the recipient is notified by e-mail or text message. ParcelShop can provide them with their parcel within the next nine or ten working days, depending on where they are located. You can also use Shop Delivery Service for shipping between Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

Flex Delivery Service Tracking

GLS provides its customers with a variety of delivery options and notifies recipients early about the arrival of goods. Upon receiving a GLS parcel, recipients receive a confirmation message in their e-mail. Receivers can take advantage of this option to pick up goods early. 

In addition, they may elect to receive their orders online if desired. If you have a GLS ParcelShop in your country, then you can change the date of delivery, choose a different address, or redirect the parcel. Delivering goods to private households becomes more convenient as parcels can be received on a flexible basis. On the other hand, customer satisfaction increases as fewer inquiries and complaints reach the sender.

Cash Service Tracking

Deliveries made by GLS with cash on delivery: The recipient pays for the items at delivery in cash. It typically takes GLS three working days to transfer the money to the sender’s account after receiving the payment securely and quickly.

Several countries also offer cash on delivery for shipments outside their borders. For example, the service is available for Germany to Austria and Poland shipments.


Here are the prominent certifications for the GLS Tracking that they have achieved in due course of time for delivering and adopting safety measures for their parcels. 

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

One of our main aims is to ensure you receive an increasingly reliable and safe service by attaining the highest quality standards possible. UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is the certification of the quality we offer you.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Think Green is implemented as part of GLS’s environmental management system, which helps to meet the targets set. As of 2011, all GLS Group companies in Italy have been certified under UNI EN ISO 14001.

UNI ISO 45001:2018

GLS Group understands the importance of ensuring the safety of its employees, customers, and suppliers. The company strives to reduce accidents and injuries to provide a safe working environment. Involving workers in the process of eliminating risks when possible. Safety, health, and low risk are the principles that apply. In alignment with UNI ISO 45001, GLS has implemented a Management System to achieve these goals.

AEO-F Certification

A customs authorized economic operator has been GLS since July 17th, 2013. AEO-F certification (full) shows our commitment to safety and reliability in shipping shipments. Having this certification provides a number of benefits: being categorized as low risk at customs. Import-export shipments of GLS Tracking products are simplified by streamlining customs clearance procedures.


Reliable parcel delivery

When it comes to sending your parcel safely and securely, you can always trust GLS as they are determined to deliver you the quick and safe delivery of your parcel.

A strong point of GLS Tracking is the reliable delivery of parcels within defined delivery times. A domestic parcel usually reaches its destination within 24 hours of being sent out. The delivery time in Europe is generally between 24 and 96 hours. Monday through Friday, GLS usually delivers. In the event that the sender does not insure the goods for transport, GLS compensates the overall value for the goods up to a defined maximum.

Environmental representatives

GLS has 22 local environmental experts in countries where we operate, who ensure the company’s environmental policies are applied locally in accordance with the local realities. By serving as local contacts, they facilitate sharing ideas and the best Think Green projects within the organization, helping us collect the data. With that data, results are carried out in order to achieve helpful in measuring our Eco-Footprint.

The GLS eco-footprint

Our team collects and consolidates data from more than 350 locations in Europe about our three key areas – emissions, resources, and waste management – every year. Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064 methodology are used, and DEKRA’s external validation is provided. As part of our “Eco-Footprint” service, each individual parcel shipment’s carbon emissions are also calculated.

App promo

There is a parcels app for both iPhone and Android users. This app allows the users to have a better understanding regarding the whereabouts of their packages are at all times and notifies them when they change.


  • How can anyone track their parcel?

There are already many countries where GLS Tracking provides real-time delivery information due to mobile data transfers. In GLS’ IT system, all hubs, and depots send scanned data directly to the online system. All a user needs is the tracking number.

  • What are GLS protocols if the parcel is not delivered?

GLS action depends on the country’s circumstances if there is no one in the country when the package is delivered. Neighbors commonly accept parcels in many countries. The recipient will receive a notification card from GLS in this case. GLS Parcel Shops can serve as alternative delivery addresses if they are established in the country. GLS national companies have websites where you can determine which of these options are available.

  • How much time is required by GLS to deliver its parcels?

For national parcels in almost all countries, the standard delivery time is under 24 hours, excluding remote areas and islands. The delivery time for parcels in Europe typically ranges between 24 and 96 hours. From Monday to Friday, GLS delivers parcels.

  • What does GLS Do when the parcel is damaged?

Packing goods properly is the responsibility of the sender. A parcel with visible damage, such as a hole in its box, can be refused by the recipient. The parcel will then be returned to the depot, and the complaint will be forwarded to the sender.

Receivers should complain to the sender if they accept a parcel that appears intact but is later damaged. GLS Tracking is committed not to checking the contents of the parcel no matter what the situation is.